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 When submitting Cheats for Gamers Castle (Read before submitting)

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PostSubject: When submitting Cheats for Gamers Castle (Read before submitting)   Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:12 pm

When Submitting Cheats for Gamers Castle
If you have found some cheats on the net submit them here it would help the community alot.

When your posting cheats Please make sure:

Please post your cheats in the right category. There are alot of categorys here so please be sure that the cheat you are submitting is going to the right category.

Any cheats that are in the wrong category will either be trashed or moved by a staff member, they get to choose.

-Please make sure your cheats are understandible.
-They must be posted in English only.

To members using the cheats:

When cant guarantee our cheats all work as a varioty of people are posting them. If you find a cheat posted without the correct format please PM a staff member.
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When submitting Cheats for Gamers Castle (Read before submitting)
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